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Instruction for Presenters of Papers

Oral Sessions

Authors are kindly requested to meet their session co-chairs in the session room 15 minutes before the scheduled time in order to download their presentation to the computer. They have to provide the co-chairs with a PowerPoint or PDF presentation, as well as a short (10-line maximum) printed bio. Authors must assure that all fonts needed are embedded in their presentation files.

The files can be downloaded to the computer from a USB key or a CD-ROM. The use of the author’s computer will not be allowed, in order for sessions to run smoothly.

The length of the presentation is restricted to 20 minutes, including questions. The authors are strongly advised to keep their oral presentation within 15 minutes (about 15 slides) and to let 5 minutes for discussion with the audience.

Invited papers have 25 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for discussion with the audience

Dialogue Sessions

Authors will have 2-3 minutes available to briefly describe to the audience the main objectives, accomplishments and conclusions of their work. After that, interaction will be promoted by session chairs among authors and attendees.

Discussions will be supported by posters, which the authors should bring to the room 10 minutes before the session schedule. Please note that no electronic means will be available for the oral introductory part of the presentation.

A poster preparation is a difficult but rather interesting exercise. It is not allowed to simply pin up a plain copy of the published paper. The advised maximum size is A0 ( 119 cm height, 84 cm width). Please do remain in these dimensions or around.

A poster display will catch the eye of the viewer (large, significant figures), present a logical sequence of materials in an attractive visual way and should not require from the reader to examine a detailed text.

Each poster will be hanged by the presenters using material provided by conference organizers 10 minutes before the session. Posters must be removed in the last 10 minutes of the session. The location of the posters will be clearly indicated at the room entrance.

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