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Keynote Speeches

The presentation is focused on comparison of neural networks and fuzzy systems. Advantages and disadvantages of both technologies are discussed. Fuzzy systems are relatively easy to design but number of inputs in the system are significantly limited. It is very difficult to design neural networks so rather they have to be trained instead. Neural networks produce much smoother nonlinear mapping than fuzzy systems. When neural networks are selected then researchers are facing two dilemmas: what should be neural network architectures and how to train them.
Conventional technologies associated with human sensations have mainly focused on visual and auditory sensations. Such technologies have provided “non-contact” supports for human activities. However, in order to realize direct and abundant human support, “contact” motion is crucial. Therefore, development of technologies for tactile and/or haptic sensation must be significant.
Modern power electronic systems are being used in a growing number of applications ranging from several watts for consumer electronics to multi-megawatts for high-power systems. The keynote will review the different application fields, addressing the main challenges associated to each range of applications, with special emphasis to high-power applications. Different actual solutions for building high power converters will be studied and compared, showing that the Multilevel Converters topologies are a realistic solution.


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The Symposium will be held at the Palace Hotel Bari.

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